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What do you mean I don’t have to floss anymore??

As many of you are aware, a study from the UK was published by a British researcher in 2016. It was concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to support that flossing was beneficial.

What are you risking by NOT flossing?

  1.  Bad Breath. Plaque that is left in between your teeth can harbour odours from the foods that you eat.
  2. Gum Disease. Plaque that is left in between your teeth can deteriorate your gum and bone tissue that supports your teeth and prevents them from becoming loose and falling out.
  3. Cavities. Cavities are formed with the combination of plaque and sugar, which creates an acid that causes cavities. By removing the plaque in between your teeth, you are less likely to develop cavities. Still be aware though, that acidic beverages and foods can also cause cavities without the presence of plaque and sugar.


Have we performed our own random double blind long-term study to gain our own evidence?  No.  But, we are experienced and competent clinicians.  We can gather our own evidence from day to day successes and failures with our own patients in regards to the benefits of dental flossing.

Have you ever pulled anything nasty out from between your teeth with floss? Of course you have!  We all have!  Do you feel good about leaving that stuff in there for 30 years?  I wouldn’t!

So, why not floss?

It’s all about keeping our bodies clean. We bathe or shower almost daily.  Do we do this for our health?  Are there studies that show that we are healthier because we do this daily ritual? Not really.

We do this for the benefit of ourselves and for others! (Odour)

So, why not floss? For the benefit of ourselves and others, of course!!

So, when you’re making your decision about whether you’re going to continue to floss, ask yourself this. Are you willing to take that risk after only one study, just because it’s telling you something you’ve wanted to hear your whole life?  All this study is doing is validating what you want to hear.

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